Severe Weather Discussion for April 8, 2015

Severe Weather Discussion for April 8, 2015.
Issued: 04/08/2015.


– Active severe weather day is likely for a large part of Oklahoma today. Tornadoes, destructive hail to baseball size and winds to 75mph are all possible.


Numerous severe thunderstorms are expected later today and tonight. There are no changes to the forecast from Monday.

Area of showers has developed in SW OK and while not completely unexpected, it may change things a little. I will say that these storms are currently limited in coverage and intensity. The current cloud cover is another issue that may tend to limit the overall threat today, but again is unknown if that is an issue. The past few days, clouds have cleared about noon with temperatures warming rapidly into the 80s. So, I do think we’ll see clearing skies in a few hours, which should allow for enough instability to generate severe thunderstorms.

Current indications are that storms will develop between 4-6pm across western Oklahoma and northwest, with supercells favored across the state. Lots of uncertainty right now, but the key is to watch weather conditions today.



Chase Status:

Level 1 – Looking to head out today, probably due west or maybe a little NW.

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