February 1st Oklahoma Winter Storm Update – Snow Totals??

Posting a quick update with projected snow totals.

***This will likely be even more dangerous than the 2009 Christmas Eve blizzard due to the extreme cold***

State of Emergency declared by Governor Fallin

NWS in Norman is projecting about 8-12 inches for the OKC area.  Lower amounts further west and higher amounts north and east.  This is almost a moot point though … the big problem will be the blowing and drifting.  It will only take 6 inches of snow to make some roads impassable with the drifts.

Some of the models are hinting at a bit more snow and others a bit less.  Again, don’t focus on the total amounts because it will be blowing everywhere.  On Christmas Eve of 2009 I had about an inch in my lawn but a drift 5 feet high in the road in front of my house.  It will probably be impossible to measure the total snowfall accurately.

QPF Map from HPC

Tonight still looks decent and gives everyone a bit of time to prepare for this dangerous storm.  We’d recommend to get home tonight and stay home unless absolutely necessary.  The last thing you want to do is find yourself stranded tomorrow with blizzard conditions and wind chills below zero.

We’ll try to keep everyone updated and post some pictures/videos as the event unfolds.

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