Possible Winter Weather Event 1/31-2/1

I’ll leave the detailed forecast up to Putnam – but wanted to put a quick post out letting everyone know about a possible winter weather event early next week.

The models are somewhat in agreement that we’ll see a possible significant winter storm anywhere from Monday to possibly early Wednesday.  Timing and placement are still at odds with each model.  The ECMWF (European model) take the storm well south of the area and would probably leave us dry.  The GFS has been fairly consistent in bringing a large swath of precipitation(mostly snow) right across Oklahoma.

Take these maps with a grain of salt.  This storm is still 5 days away and things will change between now and then 10 times.  It is fun to look at the possible snow totals though!  As you can see the latest run has a large area of 6+ inches of snow.  Obviously – if the event starts as rain or freezing rain this map doesn’t mean a thing.

The second map is a total accumulated precip (liquid) for the event.  In the case of freezing rain this could cause some big problems also.  The area in yellow is .5 or more of precipitation.

One thing that looks a bit more certain is the cold weather that will make its way to Oklahoma.  The following map shows temperatures on the morning of Feb 2nd.  Wind chills could easily be below zero.  If we do get any snow it will likely stick around for a while.

I’m sure Putnam will have additional discussions as we get closer.  This will definitely be one to watch.


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