Weekly Severe Weather Discussion

Severe Weather Discussion for July 26 – August 1, 2010.
Valid: 07/25/2010.


– Showers and thunderstorms are possible Monday-Tuesday across much of
Oklahoma, severe thunderstorms should be limited.

– Temperatures will be in the mid 90s Monday-Thursday, upper 90s

– Bonnie is gone and little activity in the tropics today, still a few
weeks away from the busy time.


– Severe Thunderstorms in Oklahoma: < 5%
– Storm Chase: < 5%
– Tropical Development: 10%


Subtropical ridge remains displaced across the southeast U.S. today.
This ridge is expected to remain anchored to the east for a few more
days and then shift westward over the region. Temperatures for much
of the week are likely to be in the mid-90s, which is typical for this
time of year. Raised temperatures to the upper 90s for next weekend
as the models agree on the ridge placement over Oklahoma. A weak cold
front has moved into the state and may allow for some showers and
thunderstorms Monday/Tuesday before it dissipates. Next weekend is
the climatologically warmest time of year, so enjoy the heat!

Bonnie didn't do much and very little is left of this thing. Tropics
are somewhat quiet right now, but we're still a few weeks from the
busy time of year.

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Putnam has been storm chasing since 1990 and is a co-founder of Hook-Echo.com. For his day job, Putnam works in emergency management for information technology.
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