Close call!

Here is the last image I saw right before my power went out. I live about 1/8th of a mile from the intersection of 192nd (Danforth RD.) & Sante Fe. There were several extreamly tense moments last night. Beware small rant after the image…

I have chased severe WX for over 10 years and even spotted before that. One thing that I find myself doing over and over is explaining poor behavior of other chasers.

I have had near hit before and I am sure I will again. But In a strange way I wish all chasers had them also. Just so they might think twice before making fools of themselves on video while someone‚Äôs life is forever changing before their eyes. I get as excited as the next guy when I see a tornado however I always hold the thought in the back of my head… what if that was my house, my family? It is as simple as that to keep yourself from looking like an ass.

What really pisses me off is the media “buys” chaser footage from the very nut jobs jumping up and down in front of the lens while the tornado is potentially killing people behind them. I cant think of any situation where this is acceptable. Can you? I hate the fact that the media seems to always follow the “if it bleeds it leads” bit. Anyway I could go on about the media but I think we all have some beef with them so I will let that one lie.

I encourage all chasers out there to volunteer their time after a disaster. Gain some perspective, talk with those who lost a house or God forbid a loved one.

Thanks to all the responsible chasers out there who do it not only for the love of WX but for public warning and data collection – improving warning time. Shame to all who are out there just to make a name and get on the TV.


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Putnam has been storm chasing since 1990 and is a co-founder of For his day job, Putnam works in emergency management for information technology.
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