Tropical Depressions 8 and 9 Discussion – 2007-1

The National Hurricane Center is issuing advisories on newly formed Tropical Depressions 8 and 9.
*Tropical Storm Warnings Issued*

At 10:00am CDT –

– Tropical Depression 9 was located 85 miles south-southwest of Galveston, Texas. Movement is towards the north at 6mph and this motion should continue for the next 24 hours. Maximum sustained winds are near 35mph and some strengthening is possible with 9 possibly becoming a tropical storm. Minimum surface pressure is 1006mb.

– A Tropical Storm Warning has been issued from Port O'Connor, Texas eastward to Cameron, Louisiana.

– A Tropical Storm Watch has been issued from Cameron, Louisiana eastward to Intracoastal City, Louisiana.

– Landfall is expected by late tonight.

– Tropical Depression 8 was located 1130 miles east of the Lesser Antilles. Movement is towards the west-northwest at 12mph, maximum sustained winds are near 35mph, and minimum surface pressure is 1007mb.

– TD 8 is not currently a threat to the U.S.


Little I can talk about on either system at this point. TD8 is way out in the Atlantic and is not currently a threat. NHC indicates that southwesterly shear in a few days will keep TD8 from getting much stronger than a tropical storm.

TD9 is the main interest, since it is just off the Texas Coast. NHC indicates that TD9 may already be a Tropical Storm and a hurricane hunter is enroute to investigate the system. An update may be needed in a few hours if a TS has developed.

TD9 should not get much stronger than a mid-TS level as it is very close to land. Current track should place it on shore just west of Galveston around midnight. The system should then move inland. What happens after this point is of concern. NHC is noting that TD9 may be detached from the mid-level flow and loiter around the Houston area. For now will just note the potential and see if future model data provides more clues. Persons along the Texas Coast should closely monitor the progress of TD9, especially once it is onshore.

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