Global Warming Alarmists at it Again

I typically do not get into the global warming debate head-on, but there are times when absurd articles have to be called down. This one, which I found on Foxnews (surprisingly) is one such recent case:,2933,289647,00.html

I’ve never been to and probably won’t after reading this article. There are so many holes in the article, I’m not sure where to start first.

1. Mythic ice age – it is not as “accidental” as the author indicates. Academia was very much involved in researching global cooling in the late 1970s. The media does not stand alone here and probably got their information from the ongoing research. Someone in academia rang the alarm bell and the media answered it, just as we have in today’s world. What the author also did not mention is that many of the global cooling alarmist back then are the global warming alarmist now.

2. Climate Modeling – this is joke. Everyone knows that meteorologists can’t get the weather right within a few days. I know because I try to forecast. Now, take these same problems, throw in a little Chaos Theory, and oh boy you’ve got a recipe for disinformation. Now add-in that the data quality which seeds these models are suspect and it gets worse. See, the temperature data from now and in the past is used for the models. However, the temperature data are not always accurate or even close. A QA process tries but no QA process can account for a temperature sensor on a roof next to an air conditioning unit. If the initial data are bad, you can bet the final product is. Also, how often do you hear the modelers talk about how the models work? Not very often! Why? Well, you’re not supposed to know.

3. Mounting Evidence – What the?? I guess there is supposed to be a smoking gun in this section, but I don’t see it. What mounting evidence? That 2006 was a very quiet hurricane season? How about that much of the central U.S. has above normal rainfall this year? Oh, but yes the west and east are dry/hot, it has to be global warming. Wait, maybe it is just “normal” variations of the weather pattern? If you believe Al Gore and the other alarmists, then Oklahoma should have temperatures around 100F right now, given how “hot” we’re supposed to be. On a mid-July day, the temperatures have been running around 93F. The highest temperature for 2007 has been 96F from Monday. This is the warmest time of year. If there is “mounting evidence,” I want to see it.

As I said earlier, I usually stay out of this stuff; but biased article like the one from Live Science are bull crap and need to be called out as such.

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