Severe Weather Discussion 2007-7-5

Severe Weather Discussion for April 13, 2007.
Valid: 04/13/2007.

***Outbreak of Destructive Tornadoes Today***


– Outbreak of destructive tornadoes is likely this afternoon and tonight for eastern half of Texas and parts of southern Oklahoma. This is an Extremely Dangerous Situation for the affected areas with the likelihood of a few destructive tornadoes along with destructive hail and damaging winds.

– Persons in the threat area are urged to review safety rules and be prepared for quick action should a watch or warning be issued.

– The most like area for the most significant threat is Temple to Ardmore and east to the Louisiana border, this includes the DFW Metro. However, significant severe weather is possible across the remainder of eastern Texas, including Houston, later today and tonight.

– A PDS tornado watch will be out shortly for much of central into eastern Texas.


SPC has gone to a high risk for parts of northeast Texas and continues the moderate for the same area. Supercells should erupt along the dryline within the new few hours. Tornadoes are likely and strong tornadoes are possible with any storms that can root on boundaries.

Previous forecast remains the same.

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