As if we needed a reason…

The Weather Channel, the least-wasted cable network for every contributor to this blog, has given us yet another reason not to watch…

Yes, that’s right, the network that trips over itself to tell us about the sprinkles in Central Park when all hell is breaking loose on the high plains, is now officially worshipping at the altar of the Church of Al.

The Weather Channel needs to focus on their core function, providing current conditions and forecasts. At least, that’s what they used to do. Now it is too busy trying to compete with the plethora of science channels like Discovery, National Geographic, and others, especially in their prime time programming. Segments like “Weather and Your Swollen Bunion” were okay in moderation or as filler when things are quiet, but I’ve little doubt that TWC’s latest effort will inexplicably try to relate anthropogenic global warming to everything under the sun (no pun intended).

Maybe I’m not giving TWC enough credit. Perhaps they already know they aren’t the source of record when it comes to active situations. If their core function is out the window, why not become a soldier in the propaganda war, right?

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Putnam has been storm chasing since 1990 and is a co-founder of For his day job, Putnam works in emergency management for information technology.
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