Hook-echo.com: The Phoenix

As unfortunate as it is, the loss of the original domain has allowed Hookecho (will always be Hookecho to me) to be reborn with a much more polished and refined look. The blog and RSS feeds are welcome additions as well as the printer-friendly white background. Good job guys! The rebirth of Hookecho has been truly astonishing.

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About Putnam Reiter

Putnam has been storm chasing since 1990 and is a co-founder of Hook-Echo.com. For his day job, Putnam works in emergency management for information technology.
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2 Responses to Hook-echo.com: The Phoenix

  1. Putnam R. says:

    Thanks man, the check is in the mail.


  2. Rob says:

    Thanks Jay! It stinks losing that domain but there have been many good things to come of it.

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